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Trello for Organizations

When a friend of mine recommended Trello as a way to organize new features for our school’s app I was impressed. Dabbling, we extended it to managing our communications work and raised my eyebrows a hair. Little did I know you could pretty much manage everything (and I mean probably your whole complicated life) with […]

A Week with Tim and Sarah

We have been extremely blessed to have Tim Rylands and Sarah Neild at our school for the last five days, including a mind-blowing PD day.  The banquet Tim has laid out is far too much for us to digest fully anytime soon, which leaves us with a deep well of shared experience to tap for […]

Gateway Digital Teaching and Learning Strategies

Attending the connected principals panel session at ISTE 2011, it was very inspiring to hear George Couros and Lyn Hilt talk about digital teaching and learning strategies that are powerful means of getting teachers involved and learning about technology in their classrooms.  These strategies can be transformational when done right and generally require the use […]

Early Childhood and the iPad

Ever since replacing our Macbooks in EC3 (3-4 year-olds) with iPads, we’ve observed a dramatic shift in the way both the students and the teachers use technology in the classroom. Though the teachers’ enthusiam is highly encouraging, the most transformational aspect has been with the students; they truly enjoy using the things. Though we achieved […]

Life Without Google Docs?

I can’t imagine life without Google Apps anymore. There was a time where I felt that way about Office, but now I so rarely use Office that Docs has almost completely taken over. Using Microsoft Word for anything other than a complicated report or desktop publishing just seems ridiculous now. It’s like using floppy discs […]

Thing 5 – The Deep Web

More and more the concept of the deep web has been showing up on my radar, and after pulling this Mashable article out of my river of info, I’ve decided its time to tackle it. There really are two different categories of information sources out on the web:  information on a static web page and information […]

Three Great Typing Tools

Typing is one of the most important skills a student can learn.  The ability to communicate with digital tools almost always requires some level of typing proficiency whether it is simply recognizing letters on the keyboard or touch typing.  You probably already provide  students with regular classroom practice in typing using software such as Ultrakeys […]