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A New Data Mindset

If a world of information surplus is changing the way think about learning, commerce, government and a great many other sectors, what is the impact of all this data on how we think? Our brains are wired to function efficiently in data-poor environments. We see two potentially relatable events and we immediately attempt to draw comparisons […]

A Complex Web of Emotions

Something that bears reminding from time to time is that our organizations, regardless of the complexity of our systems, are fundamentally human. At our leadership team meeting today our Head of School shared a learning hit from this blog that summarizes some key points from Edwin H. Friedman’s book ‘A Failure of Nerve’.  This book, […]

To Change a Culture

I am consistently drawn to and inspired by the work of Fullan, and I also follow Senge and Kotter who essentially all look at ways to build momentum for change through intrinsic motivation. Fullan’s approach is very concise and often written for educators,  making it highly accessible. What I connect with in their writing is […]

Personalizing Learning in Stages

Today I had the honor of spending the day with my friend Kathleen McClaskey and actually attending one of her workshops. I was able to make it to the Digital Education Show in Dubai to catch this one as she rarely makes it over to my neck of the woods. The day helped illustrate much […]

Innovation is Easier Than you Think

If not the hottest word to dominate educator speak these days, it certainly is in the top 5 and maybe even higher.  Innovation is something schools everywhere are feeling the pressure to do now more than ever.  In large,  diverse organisations like schools there is always plenty of innovation happening, but it’s not easy to […]

Trello for Organizations

When a friend of mine recommended Trello as a way to organize new features for our school’s app I was impressed. Dabbling, we extended it to managing our communications work and raised my eyebrows a hair. Little did I know you could pretty much manage everything (and I mean probably your whole complicated life) with […]

An Organization that Learns

If you could describe the optimal organization of any kind, what characteristics would stand out to you?  Is it its financial standing, its branding or its stated mission? At what height would you rank how it stays fluid, how it adapts to the forces that shape our society while staying true to its mission?  Any […]

Reflecting on Visible Learning

I had the opportunity today to hear directly from the Visible Learning group, notably Shaun Hawthorne, about how to best interpret and use the data presented in Hattie’s book. It is probably no secret to most educators these days what the areas with the biggest “effect size” are.  Its always good to have a refresher. […]

An Open Letter to Google: Classroom Needs a New Marketing Video

Dear Google, I haven’t even used Google Classroom yet, and already I am highly skeptical.  The video you released to hype your new classroom “solution”, which you tout as a way to “give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn” is an embarrassment.  Watching the video makes me wonder if anyone […]

5 Ways to Transform a School – and 5 Ways to Fail

If your school isn’t currently in the throws of significant change,  you should be worried.  Every school and educator that plans on being relevant a decade from now should really probably be having some tough conversations.  Even if you have figured out the what and why questions it can be daunting to figure out exactly how […]